Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Left A Good Job In The City

Donovan's Aunt Sheryl picked him up from daycare for me on Monday. She sent me a text the next day saying that he screamed at her, drank a whole bottle and then fell asleep, likening their time together to a date with Ike Turner.

Donovan has not always been Ike Turner but his secret life at daycare is, apparently, rather fraught these days. Mike said that Miss Tekeela and Miss Allison, who is the head honcho, even had a meeting to discuss what to do with Donovan as far as easing his transistion from the infant room to the next room over. Not even a year old yet and he's being discussed in the principal's office. I had'nt realized how much I'd had invested in him being the perfect baby. Part of that, I'll admit, is pride, but part is my natural proclivity to not want to take any responsibility for anything. It was nice to have an auto pilot for a son. Now I actually have to decide what to do for and about him. Come Ooooonnn Cyert Center!

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A & G & Stella Dot (& poodles, too) said...

What's going on? Is it just that he is asserting his independence or is he becoming a bad ass? Throwing pencils, smoking in the bathroom stall, and whatnot?