Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hard Ass No More

In my past life I was a docent and researcher at an historic cemetery here is Pittsburgh. I loved all of it and miss it terribly. If you look at my book collection, you will find such bedtime fare as Sleeping Beauty; American Post Mortem Photography, Lenin's Embalmer, A History of American Funerals and Undertaking, and a variety of books on gravemarkers and burialgrounds. Hell, I even got married in a cemetery.

So imagine how happy I was when, whilst trying to use up 30 songs on eMusic before they expire, I saw this as their featured album. Then I listened to the clip of "Fingerprints on The Windowpane," all about a grieving parent who sees a ghostly little handprint when a window steams up.

WEEEEPweepweepweep! Could'nt do it. I'm losing my street cred.