Saturday, May 3, 2008

Busy Rainy Day

Considering everything Donny and I did today there should be a ton of photos. There are not, however. I'm telling myself that's because I was in the moment and not outside of it with a camera. That and the fact that fumbling thru the diaperbag to find the camera can be such a chore...

Mike dropped Donovan and I off at the Kidstuff Rummage Sale. The sale took place at the adorable little Swedenborgian church that's nestled at the end of the adorable little street called Le Roi Road. Seriously, its too sweet, with its cottagey little houses and lawns just brimful of spring flowers. Note to self: play Powerball this week...

Walking up to the church I saw Amy Lewis, a Shanley family friend of long standing. She had a handful of fliers about the sale that she was getting ready to tape up on the barricades that were blocking the main street. Turns out today was the Spring Hat Luncheon for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. It was also the opening ot the Pittsburgh International. Pittsburgh has days like that where everything is happening at once.

ANYhow, the rummage sale was small but I got some good swag, including an excellent (if I do say so myself) gift for Ms. Stella Dot. When we got done it was officially raining. I should mention that the umbrella I thought was in the car had not been there so we were open to the elements. Luckily, I knew just the place for us to wait out the rain: the porch of the Visitor's Center at the Frick, Pittsburgh.

Friends, this is where I wish I had taken out my camera. I worked at the Frick for over 10 years and even before Donny came along I'd thought how great it would be to take a kid there just to run around. It would also be historically accurate--union busting jagoff that he was, Frick loved kids. As my Uncle Vic would say, Donny and I "dodged the raindrops" and ran the half a block to the Frick. I got him out of his stroller and let him walk around the Visitor's Center porch. For those of you who have never been there, the Visitor's Center is actually the Children's Playhouse. Its an actual, livable house but somethings, like the porch railings, are scaled down to kidsize. Perfect for a little mouthbreather like my boy to hold onto as he teetered along. It was my favorite type of day at the Frick; rainy and green and lush. The grounds are so wonderful and you can't beat that porch for a vantage point. As we sat there alot of my docent buddies reported for their workday and I got to introduce Donny to some of my favorite people. He obliged me by being his charming self. The rain tapered off and my friend Charles loaned me the world's largest umbrella. Which was good because as soon as we got to the busstop the heavens opened. We took the bus into Oakland and, long story short, ended up at the Carnegie Library. Donny played with the wooden table with the beads and I finally got to take some pictures of the Beatrix Potter exhibit:
This is a long view to show the painted backdrop. Should I be all geeky and mention that the Carnegie Library is connected to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History which despite the best efforts of people I disagree with still has a fine selection of dioramas with handpainted backdrops? Please note the lady who "presented" the display was named "Mabel." So how old is this thing? You should probably enlarge this photo to see that the bunnies in the diorama are made out of catkins. You know; the fuzzy pods on pussywillows. LOVE it. Love it, love it, love it.

After about an hour at the library we caught the 54C home. Donny fell dead asleep in my arms about halfway there so, when we got in, I curled up with him in my bed and took a little nap. I figured the dishes could wait.