Sunday, May 4, 2008

We Spit On Your Graves

You knew it was coming. I bet you thought it wouldn't take this long. What surprised me was where: St. Mary's and NOT Homewood.

I had to be creative today: Mike's working so it was just me and the boy again today. I thought I'd take him into Bloomfield, we'd pick up a bus schedule at the Hospital and plan our next move from there. My first thought was to take him to the playground but that was a bust. That meant we were stranded in Bloomfield on a Sunday until the next Polish Hill bound 54C came by. 2 and a half hours. Not bad for me but for a one year old that must seem like eternity. So I did the thing any right thinking mother would do: I took my kid to the Catholic cemetery.

St. Mary's is a beautiful old cemetery, as you can see by the photos. I took a tour there once that was so poorly done I screamed in my head for an hour and still had to leave early. I don't know the cemetery that well so I stuck to the area near the gate. We set up camp in the shade of a lovely old mausoleum that looked like it had never been sandblasted--it still had that black industrial soot patina that all the local churches are so quick to wash away. I got Donovan out of his stroller and we walked up and down the path. He did really well walking, holding on to just one of my fingers with one of his hands. He did'nt seem very interested in the cool old stones and mausoleums but he was laughing and enjoying the breeze and the lovely green grass.

All that being said, I'd like to send an apology out to the Fraudenlien family. Donny and I got into a raspberry contest right in front of their family lot. We meant no disrespect but it felt somehow very wrong. Funny, but very wrong.

We had a nice visit but still had too much time to kill so we caught a 54C into Oakland. We had 15 minutes before the 54C that would take us back into Polish Hill. I thought Donny might like the fountain at the Carnegie Art Museum--he in fact liked it so much he almost dragged me into it. He stood there at the edge and just laughed, like he was an evil scientist savoring the view of the planet he was about to blow up.

Now we're home and he's asleep in his carseat. I think my face is sunburned--a small price to pay.

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