Thursday, May 29, 2008

Petting Zoo Withdrawl

The University where I work recently formalized its choice of mascot. For years, most folks thought the mascot was a Scottie dog but, officially speaking, we never had a mascot.

Now we do: A Scottie Dog. And the University has been given an 8 week old scottie puppy who will be the actual mascot.

I got to go to a luncheon for the lady who bred and raised the pup--I was hoping to meet the puppy today but she's too tired from her trip. I might get to meet her next week and I'm seriously geeked.

When I was growing up in Elyria--in a not-wealthy-but-nice neighborhood--it seemed like there were always puppies and kittens around. The kittens were usually strays and the puppies usually belonged to someone. Nowadays, you don't see that as much. I know that's good: overpopulation of dogs and cats only brings misery and I'm sure I'm seeing fewer puppies and kittens because more people are spaying and neutering their animals. All this is good.

But I miss the kittens. And the puppies. We are going to have to make a real effort for Donovan to grow up with and around animals.

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