Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At the Corner of Metaphor and Premonition

Donovan is now at the "I'll do it myself, thanks" stage, which so far has not gotten very Terrible Twos, if you know what I mean. Yesterday, when we walked from daycare to Whole Foods, he pressed the elevator buttons at both Borders and in the Parking Garage (I had to hold him up but he did press them. Plus, when we got to the car, I unlocked the driver's side door to pop the trunk and the kid climbed right into the driver's seat!

Also in the news: guess who cut a molar! We were giving the boy a bath last night and I was doing double duty and trying to brush his teeth and, there it was, on the lower left side. That goes along way towards explaining the actual gobs of drool he's been treating us to for the past few nights...

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