Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello, Stranger(s)

Greetings from my Deathbed. I've been SICK, I tell you, Sick, Sick, Sick. Today will be my third day off of work and I'm actually going to try and see the doctor. I knew it was coming Sunday night when my throat started feeling all tight. Its been downhill from there.

Donny has been rather fussy lately, too. It might be teething or maybe he's just practicing for his terrible twos, but our happy go lucky boy has been full of piss and vinegar. Also, the whining? Back full force. Sigh.

All that being said, Saturday was a good day. Mike changed his work schedule so he'd have the day off and we had a yard sale. It was not well attended, probably because I only used free advertising as opposed to paying a newspaper to print something. Still, we make about $90 and we moved some of the babystuff that had been piling up. Next stop: Craigs List.

BTW, it is 6:30 in the morning. Mike is in our bed with Donovan, who woke up at 4:30coughing and crying. I tried to sleep with them but everytime I'd cough, the poor kid would jerk awake. I finally got up and did dishes. Obviously, I'm in that sleepless/coughsyrup state of mind. That being said, I saw a magazine at Whole Foods that has an article on "Radical Housekeeping." I'm intrigued. Could I drop off the grid and be a radical housekeeper? I have to say that being a full time working mother--sometimes I feel like I'm working full time just to pay to keep my kid in daycare full time. Alot of the time it feels like a beast that feeds itself, if you know what I mean. And its hard keeping the house in shape, paying the bills, cooking, etc, especially when my schedule and Mike's schedule don't mesh. We're doing alright so far but its very much by the grace of two big "economic stimulus packages" given to us by my Mom's family. I recently was propositioned, more or less, by a cemetery on the North Side about doing historical research for them as well as some grant writing. I could so kick ass at all that but, but, but...

Thinking give me wrinkles. Let's just say that I've got alot on my mind and I'm opening myself to suggestions.