Saturday, April 18, 2009

Donovan Jack Benford 4/19/1924 - 4/18/2009

What follows is a brief list of personal favorites from my Dad:

* On how he and his best friend would spend their time before each married their respective spouses: "Bill would have a martini, I'd have a Manhattan. We'd take out our cigarette cases, tamp down a cigarette, take out our lighters, light the cigarettes, blow the smoke up into the sky. Not a woman within 20 miles of us..."

* What the commander of his ship in the Navy said to my 17 year old 115 lb. Dad upon seeing him in his Navy dresswhites: "BENFORD! Your ass looks like two squirrel heads tied in a handkerchief!" My Dad would later claim not to remember this story but he was telling it to me while I was still in grade school.

* I found out he could run fast when he squirted me with a garden hose thru the kitchen window and I chased him down the street with a pan of dirty dishwater.

* He actually out manuveured a Jehovah's Witness--his two years in seminary came in handy.

* If you heard my Mom calling him Donovan, most likely he was goosing her as she went up the steps.

* He never, ever ended a phonecall with me without saying "Love you--Miss you."

Love you, Dad. Miss you.

PS: That photo does not do him justice. He actually was a very handsome man.

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