Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Cool Because Nick Cave Sings about Flower Shows

Last week when I was taking Donny's lunch into the school building at Waldorf I ran into the mom of one of his classmates. Her son just happens to be a day or two older than Donovan and she asked me what we were doing for Donny's birthday. Seeing as how I'm not a morning person, her question completely caught me off guard and for some reason I thought she was asking in an effort to invite herself to whatever it was we might be doing--how odd is that? I have no idea what I said to her but she said, "Well, this is the last year we can get away with not doing anything for them." I've thought about that alot because that's pretty much what we did: nothing. We will, however, be having a little get together for the grown-ups in his life on the 19th, seeing as how next week is Easter and this week the house is still a shambles.

I was also thinking about next year as Donny and I went on a double playdate (so to speak) with our neighbors Lisa and Isabel. Lisa and I know each other from when we lived on the other end of Melwood. Isabel is 3 and the distance from 2 to 3 is just mindboggling. Not only can she talk but we had conversations! We talked about fruit and colors and flowers and what riding the bus was like. To think that I'll actually be communicating with Donovan like that someday--I know its going to happen but it's crazy to think so.

The four of us went to Phipps conservatory for the spring flowershow. It was really lovely--I now understand the phrase "riot of color" because that's exactly what those flowers were doing. Donny was a really good boy for the whole thing, tho I think it was all a little overwhelming for him. There's a chance I may take him back this coming Wednesday so maybe this trip will loosen him up for going back.

I was really looking forward to taking photos in a setting that was not our house. And while you'd think there'd be alot of photo ops at a flowershow, getting your kid to stand still long enough--not always an option


alienspice said...

these are the best pictures.
it's probably my imagination, but he looks more "mature" than the last time I saw him.

Grant said...

What a little man he's becoming! He's in a Waldorf school? BTW, I might be in Pittsburgh in May for the ACLS meeting...


Hello Mr. Grant--

Donny's been at Waldorf in their "little friends" program since November. Little friends is like Waldorflite for the younger set. It's kind of crazy, but in a good way.

Let us know if you'll be in town--that would be swell!

Amy Grant, Stella Dot, & Lemmy said...

You are going to Pittsburgh? Like, hey? When?