Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goin' Out Country

Thanks to many good suggestions we went out to Round Hill Farm today.  Riding out there from Pittsburgh I was a little worried at first--the route we took featured the highest concentration of used car lots that I have ever seen.  Didn't seem like it would resolve itself into farmland anytime soon.  I kept the faith, however, and we got there just as the weather decided that it wasn't going to rain after all.

Getting there a little bit later in the afternoon meant that 99% of the animals were not in their convenient stalls and barns but way out in the pasture where we could only see them from a distance. Which, actually, is probably good for Our Little City Boy, who is still scared of dogs. We got to see some horses, some sheep and some adorable lambs, right in time for Easter!

Oh yeah--and we fed some ducks.

An actual metal slide--remnant of a pre litigious world.

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