Monday, April 4, 2011


Sometimes I wonder how well I'm communicating with Donovan, or even how well he's able to communicate in general.  I suppose all parents of preschoolers have these questions, but I wouldn't really know.  The past few days, tho, saw two very different breakthroughs:

1.  Sunday being Donny's birthday, I made him a cake after he went to bed on Saturday and we served it up Sunday afternoon, complete with candles and "Happy Birthday To You."  When we were putting him to bed that night, he said, "Thanks for making me the cake, Mama.  I liked when you sang to me."  Where did that come from?  I actually got a little weepy, in a good way.

2.  Tonight I was getting him ready for bed and he was being a real brat.  He'd had one time out and was on his way to his second.  I finally asked him what was wrong and he sat up and said, "You keep talking.  I don't want you to talk!"  Well.  I said, "OK, I'll stop talking but I need you to put your head on the pillow and lie down."  Which he did.  Then I said, "Last thing I'll say--do you need covers or not?"  "No covers!"  Alright then.  I laid down next to him and, just about instantaneously, he was asleep. 

So, yeah: communication.  Such a relief...

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