Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thus Starts the Kid's Curriculum Vita

I wasn't too sure how today was going to go.  Last night, Donny had a really bad cough and an even worse reaction to the All Natural Buckwheat Honey Based Cough Syrup that we gave him (it necessitated a load of late night laundry: I'll leave it at that.)  And I was worried because today was the Masquerade Party and Children's Art Exhibit at Lili Coffee Shop.

Lili is a wonderful place and all three of us like going there.  It was a godsend in the really bad weather when tempers were frayed and we were all feeling a little bit too Donner Party for our own good.  This morning, with the art exhibit somewhat in mind, I gave in to Donovan's begging to put together a Bird Feeder Kit he got as a birthday gift.  We worked on it together but I tried to let him do the majority of the work.  He got to hammer in some nails and do most of the painting, which is the part he really wanted to get to.  The feeder ended up with a red tray, one white wall, one blue wall and a yellow roof.  It looked pretty stark so I suggested he paint some words on it.  He decided the only word we needed was "HELLO," which, with a little help from me, he painted in red.  We dropped it off a Lili this morning, came back home, had a major disagreement about napping (Me pro, him anti), and then we worked on his mask.  He liked it but had to be bribed with some fruit snacks to actually wear it.  That's not really true--I gave him the fruit snacks so he'd have something else to do with his hands and he'd leave the damn thing alone.  Worked like a charm for about 45 minutes.  When we got there, there were lots of people and lots of great art of all kinds on the walls.  Donovan was geeked to see his birdfeeder in pride of place in the back room.

Here are my few and far between shots of the event.  Hopefully there will be links from others I can post soon.  Props to Lili for making my kid, and all the other Polish Hill kids, feel like the rock stars they are.

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