Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Musical Genius Update

About a year ago, Donovan was obsessed with the piano.  He would get up in the middle of dinner and run to the front room so he could play it.  And it wasnt just noodling around--his grandfather taught him how to play a chord and damn if the kid did'nt figure out how to apply that one chord formula into playing every chord the piano has to offer.  We took him to a Suzuki teacher for lessons.  She admitted he had "a gift" (natch: duh) but said he was a little too young.  We agreed with her and made a date to touch base a few months later.

Not that its a few months later, she doesnt have room for him in her local studio but may be moving to Bloomfield soon which is even better for us. And the really good news?  Donny seems to have rediscovered the piano.  Not only that but he's been asking Mike to teach him to play songs.  So now he picks out "Lullabye and Goodnight" (which is what Mike plays every night before taking the kid up to bed) and today Mike taught him the "Mississippi Hot Dog" version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

What's really blowing my mind tho is that Donovan and I have this game we play where I sneak up on him and tickle him.  And when I sneak up on him I sing this.  Which he taught himself to play on the piano with no help from Dad. 

I fully expect to wake up one morning to hear him playing Aladdin Sane or Tango Till They're Sore...

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