Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Son Sybil

Donovan told me a long story tonight about how it was Alex's birthday and there were cupcakes that said "Happy Grandson" and each one had a G on it and Donny was allowed to dance so he spun around and jumped and "kicked [his] heels together" and all the kids who did'nt dance before danced with him and it was Alex and Leo and Lily and they danced to the music and the music was churchbells.

That same angelbaby is now pitching a HUGE, We've Never Seen The Likes Of It With Him Before Tantrum because Mike filled the watering can half full instead of all the way full.  I'm hoping the Terrible Twos Donovan chose not to cash in have not accrued interest.

Also, when he was being sweet tonight, he pointed to our lovely purple hydrangea and told me that those flowers were called "Dandipierogies."

Dandipierogies.  I guess I won't give him away just yet.

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Brittany McCann said...

Oh I miss him already! Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me! I saw him at his daycare yesterday running and throwing sticks on the roof of one of the sheds. I did not know his teacher, and I was not trying to be the "creepy teacher" talking to random children - so I just smiled and waived. Can't wait for September so we can play! - Miss Brittany :-)