Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Postcard from The New Life

In 4 days it will be a full month since I left my old job.  Right now, we are basking in the illusion of financial balance--my last Big Time Career paycheck came in last week with a full month plus my leftover vacation days, so the checking account looks nice and fat.  Also, the New Life I've been living is, so far, less expensive than my old one.  I still havent had as many No Spending Days as I would like but there will be time for that--especially as reality sneaks up on our sweet little checking account and starts nibbling away at the edges.

This is a quick entry as I'm about to go get the kid from Waldorf.  And, really, that's where the New Life part really kicks in--yesterday I had time to sneak Donny from his bed into ours and so we got to good around and roughhouse before he had to get ready for school.  Today after Mike took him to school, I was able to do several buttloads of laundry, put away another few buttloads of clean clothes.  I did the grocery shopping using my sweet little old lady cart, thus freeing up Mike's free time from that particular task.  I mailed a holy card I found in an old book to the Historical Society of St. Cloud.  I picked out two recipes for Donny and I to make when we get home.  I also got some plotting and planning done on the CFA book.

Did I get everything done that was on my list?  No.  Is my/our life/lives just a little bit better because I've downshifted?  Yes. 

And now to get the boy.  Which is good.  'Cause I miss him.

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