Monday, August 15, 2011

Completely Demoralized: Well, That Did'nt Take Long...

It is 4:40 am.  After [stops to count] 9 hours of having a weeping child hurl himself around the room gripping his genitalia, I went downstairs to the storage room and dug out a pack of "GoodNights" pull ups for "big kids" that we got in the mail about 3 months ago.  Thank god I never throw out a sample.

Its no wonder the kid can't pee in a toilet--we spent all week last week counting down the days until he was Too Big For Pull Ups and it only took 9 hours for me to completely undermine our authority and mix that signal.  I will only say two things in my defense: the kid had not peed since FRIDAY NIGHT so there were health risks to consider.  Second, it was not until I said, "Donovan, if I found you a pull up, would you pee in it?" that he actually looked at me with something close to understanding/recognition.  Up to that point he had been either inconsolable or completely feral.

Mike is currently asleep on the couch.  I am typing this while Donovan (hopefully) is sleeping in his bed.  He was in our bed to start with but after about 40 minutes of sleep, the flailing and wailing started again.  Tomorrow we are slated to go to Storybook Forest.  I have a nasty feeling that we will be packing Pull Ups.

Twice in those 9 hours of awfulness, I broke down and cried.  Both times, Donny stopped his own crying and came over and hugged me.  The first time, he even patted me on the head.  My kid may never be potty trained but at least he's got a heart.

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Brittany McCann said...

Bless your heart Jennie - I know I would have done the same thing. There are definitely medical issues to think of when it has been that long. It is only day 3 - and they always say there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe we need to take baby steps with him. If it gets to the point of concern, let him have the pull up, but also have him sit on the potty with it. Maybe from there, we can give him a pull up, but cut a hole in the bottom of it. He will have the comfort of the pull up, but still pee in the potty? I remember him LOVING to cut things with scissors - maybe it could be an arts and crafts project?

I have almost every morning/afternoon off until I go back on the 26th if you need me to come visit! I just took an after school job as a babysitter at my gym - so some of the evenings I work 4-8. Let me know if you need anything - I am here for you :-)