Sunday, August 14, 2011

Postcard from Boot Camp

Today is Day 2 of Potty Training Boot Camp Redux.  Yesterday was the first day and it went very well: Donny was very excited about not wearing pull ups any more.  He did'nt ask for one and was happy to wear big boys to bed.

Its all so easy.  Once you decide you're never going to pee again.

That seems to be his strategy and its been over 24 hours.  He's been very insistent that he will NOT sit on the toilet.  So much so that Mike and I reverted to our old tactic of giving him a sucker just for sitting there.  Sit there he did and nothing happened.  Wasted a perfectly good Charms Sweet Orange sucker on that willful, willful child.

So now its almost bedtime.  Last night was TERRIBLE and I'm fully assuming tonight will be the same, with the added bonus of an inevitable "accident" in the bed.  Still, despite it not going the way I wanted it to, I do think progress is being made.  We have three weeks until school starts, just me and the kid for most of it, so here's to Getting. Over. The. Damn. HUMP.

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Shoozie Rodefer said...

So are we talking about just peeing here, or both number 1 and number 2? If it's just number 1 (or if that's merely the first goal on the agenda), then how about getting some of those little target discs to float in the toilet, and Mike can show him how to take aim and fire? Make it more like a game... Jake has shown me more than a few times how he's so skilled he can do it hands-free. We struggled a lot more with number 2, so I hope that's not your next hump to get over...