Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So Much Catching Up...

 ...to do here on the blog!  Hard to believe its August already--harder to believe that this is Donny's last week at the Waldorf summer camp.  As always, I must go on record as saying Waldorf is EX. PENS. IVE.  Having said that, so is everything else kid related and it was a really great program for him.  First, it was a small group of kids, alot of whom he already knew.  Second, it was all about PLAYING.  Not reading or writing or anything scholastic.  Third, alot of the folks involved in the program were from The Zany Umbrella Circus, so the kid got to juggle, play with hula hoops and the like.  Also, being Waldorf, there was lots of singing and Donovan has been singing the Blessing song and the Follow Me song constantly.  Seriously: constantly.

So the next three weeks will be Donovan At Home With Me.  And with Mike but mainly with me.  I'm plotting and planning a wide variety of fun and games for us but it will also be Year 2 of Potty Training Boot Camp.  We have been working with his therapists from Early Intervention and, with their help, we have him crossing off days on the calendar to this Saturday when there will be NO MORE PULL UPS.  Thank God that Target opened up in East Liberty as we are going to need a buttload of prizes to encourage his participation.  Stickers, please, yes, and light up glow stick bracelets!  Dozens of them!  Stay tuned for carefully edited progress reports.

Also, we make a long overdue trip to Ohio to see my family.  I was hoping for a longer trip but that will have to come in the future.  At least we got the boy home to see my Mom.  That was worth the stay at the nasty ass hotel where we lost our reservation to someone in the Northern Ohio Eastern Star Convention (which I really can't argue--if I was working the desk and had to choose between me and about 200 lady Shriners dressed to the nines in white satin...).

Also, also: our porch is being worked on and I have hopes it will be done in time for an end of the summer Porch Warming.

We've taken a whole lot of photos this summer but, really, the best two are right here:


Brittany McCann said...

I am so excited for him! I just found out for sure today that I am getting Montessori back :-)

If he loves glow stick bracelets - I know one of my daycares has TONS of them! I will surely pick some of those up.

Let me know if you need anything!!

Jennie B. said...


Thanks so much for checking up on the boy--I'm glad you'll be back at Montessori and I know Donny will be too!