Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today, You Are a Man.

I totally stole the title of this entry from a flip comment Mike made on his way out the door to work.  The comment refers to the fact that today will be Donovan's first day without pull-ups.  This is also the first day of three weeks where he is in between Waldorf Day Camp and being back to school at Montessori.  Thus, we have 3 weeks to work on the No Pull Up thing.

The thing about the No Pull Up thing is this: by the end of the school year, Donovan was not potty trained but he was also not having accidents at school.  He was just "holding it" until it was time for bed, at which time we would change him into a pull up.  The initial idea for the bedtime pull up was that asking a 4 year old to navigate 2 flights of stairs to the bathroom in the middle of the night was unrealistic.  But what it resulted in was the I'll Hold It Because I Know I'll Be In A Pull Up Eventually mindframe.

Over the summer, Donny has worked with some really great counselors from The Barbour Center.  Based on their advice and also on advice from the folks he works with from Early Intervention, we decided we would set a date on the calendar and he would cross off the days until No More Pull Ups Day.  Which is today.  I'm sure everything will be fine today--at least until around 7pm or so.  Please light the appropriate candles for us starting at around 6pm EST.

And now that 3 weeks of summer break is stretched out before us, I'm realizing I did'nt do much planning.  I should have done some planning.


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