Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Career Track

I'm typing this on my old buddy, Dr. Marshall's laptop. I am sitting on the 34th floor of a fancy hotel in Chicago. It's the Society of American Archivist conference and I am here until Saturday evening. So far its been very nice and has included attending a women's collections roundtable and shopping for bathproducts at Lush.

I miss my kid, tho. And my cat.

Oh. And my husband. Him too.

The bathtub is so big I could lay flat in it if I'm not careful. Until about a month ago, Donovan was so small, we had to give him baths in a roasting pan.

Room service should really provide kitties.


alienspice said...

today I finally got my new digital camera ready to go....expect lots of painfully cute pics of your kid later today!

try to have some FUN and don't spend ALL your time in the bathtub.


ItWasInevitable said...

Oooh - Matt had a goldfish in one of his hotel rooms. Not quite a kitty, but still.