Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Eternal Flow Of The River(s)

Since moving to Pittsburgh, I have heard people mention, with that tone specific to conspiracy theories, that there is a fourth river in Pittsburgh and that it’s underground. Geologists claim that it’s a glacial aquifer but I know better. The fourth river is comprised of the never ending ebb and flow of baby clothes from one mother to another. I’ll bet if you dug a few feet under the fountain at The Point you’d hit an archeological dig’s worth of 4th hand papoose clothes and itty, bitty pilgrim outfits. Luckily for us this ceaseless flow of layettes is contained by tons of rock and silt, otherwise we’d all be drowning in Carter’s Too Cute Onesies.

Not that I’m complaining—far from it! In fact, I just got a great package of pants and overalls for Donovan from my friend Amy, a fellow member in the Motherhood Of the Golden Pig. I’m so lucky to have friends like her; friends that are both generous and have good taste. It makes this motherhood think much, much easier—and a little more enjoyable.

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