Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ramen Noodles Wait Another Week

Mike and I did the weekly shopping yesterday. We did this according to a zen exercise I suggested: we made a very succinct list. My goal was not to spend more than $25 on foodstuffs. To do this I actually went thru the fridge and the cupboards to see what we already had. Seems simple, doesnt it? Well, somehow we'd gotten into the habit of just buying what we thought we needed. Based on what we already had, our list consisted of some very basic items: pasta sauce, broccoli, eggs. I was worried that Mike's big ticket item of coffee would put us over, plus I had to get a few emergency jars of babyfood. At checkout we clocked in at $14! That's Crazy!

That will make things a little easier when I got to Walgreens today to get Baby Necessities. How we run out of everything--formula, wipes, diapers--at once is beyond me.

But back to the point: I'm geeked that our experiment went well. Now the trick will be, can we eat well on $25 a week? By well I mean both healthy and enjoyable. Details will follow.

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