Monday, January 28, 2008

French Women Also Get 3 Years Paid Maternity Leave

A year or two ago, in a fit of self improvement, I got myself a book called French Women Don’t Get Fat. Those who know me that I’ve been on a diet or two in my life but that I’m not really a self improvement type of gal. At any rate, I liked the approach the book took and I did a pretty fair stint of walking the walk. I forget if I lost weight or not, which makes me think that I did’nt, but it was a helpful way to recalibrate my daily routine, which had become way too dependent on vending machines and long naps after work.

In a much more recent self housekeeping moment, I signed up to be on the French Women Don’t Get Fat website. I figured, adrift as I am in this new life of mine, a friendly voice advocating more walking and champagne with lunch might be helpful. If you sign up online you get ONLINE EXCLUSIVES, such as the daily suggested menu, complete with links to recipes and the weekly shopping list. I dutifully printed all of them out for this week and set aside Sunday morning for making out the shopping list.

Friends—pardone, “Mes Amies,”—what sort of lavender infused crack is this woman smoking? I did’nt have the time to do it when the actual shopping was going on but I really wanted to just price everything that was on that list. Even after I crossed off all the spices and pantry stuff we already have on hand it was INSANE. I realize it’s a suggested list but even so, the total cost of even half of it made the very suggestion unconscionable.

I did make Beef Bourginoin (sp?) last night, however, and it kicks righteous ass. Good thing too, as we’ll be eating it all this week. That and whatever the East Liberty McDonalds throws into their dumpster…

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