Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not Out of Month Yet

We have been trying (with a fair amount of success) to watch our budget more closely. We’ve filled out a calendar marking when all the bills are due and we’ve been trying to put our receipts in the checkbook on a daily basis. When we first started this new regime there was a mystery stash of money in our checking account that we couldn’t quite account for. It floated around in there for over a month, lulling us into a false sense of security. I checked our balance today and, friends, that little ball of bread has been nibbled away by the guppies of everyday life. Now its back to reality, the reality where childcare is more than our mortgage and my payday is a very long way away thanks to a very early monthly paycheck around Christmas.

Ironically, I read this today. Not to say its the only leak in the boiler room.

Is Tuna Helper any good? I seem to remember it being alright.


kdiddy said...

dealing with the once-a-month paycheck is a chore. I've found it easier to budget by paying all of my bills online at once right after I get paid. Then I get to have that fun experience of "Hi money, bye money!"

A & G & Stella Dot (and poodles, too) said...

Day care...we're having issues right now. May have to switch, just as SDS is developing attachments. AWESOME! Or, not.