Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick Day on Planet Girl

Last night Donny had a fever and was coughing alot. He did'nt sleep very well--in fact, we almost brought him to bed with us for the night but decided space would have been a bit too tight. We normally wake him up at 7 to get him out the door at 8:30 but I decided it was too cold and he was sleeping too hard and that a day off of daycare might be a good thing. That meant me taking a vacation day. I've been dreaming of taking a housekeeping vacation day so, in my mind at least, I sacrificed that for the kid. So I'm not a bad housekeeper; I'm a good Mom.

We had a nice day home together and the kid did get in a couple of good naps. Work followed me home, however, and now I'm feeling all vulnerable and conflicted. I'm up for review this year so the magnifying glass is on me already; I'm not enjoying it at all. That being said, I'm 41 and I've got to stop feeling like the youngest lineworker at McDonalds. That's what I'm telling myself today.

I decided that it was high time for Donovan to watch TV. I'd been shielding him far too long and, besides, that's what sick boys do at home. We kicked it old school and I got out one of them there vid-e-o tapes and we watched this and this and, of course, this I wonder what Love and Rockets would think about The Bubblemen ending up as the Goth Teletubbies. Joking aside, I've always loved these videos and, with all that black and white and big patterns, its a wonder Baby Einstein or Lamaze has'nt tried to get Daniel Ash on their design board.


alienspice said...

Um, hey,
so I clicked on one of those little links there (yin and yang, actually) and read through some of the comments posted by silly people, and learned that LOVE AND ROCKETS IS REUNITING TO PLAY COACHELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is all. EEEEEEEEEEE!


I meant to email you about that and then got mad at myself when you beat me to it in your blog. So, yeah: Cleveland! This time we'll know enought to buy hooch for afters.