Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dust and Strangeness

Off site storage for the Archives where I work is about 3 blocks away from Donny's daycare. Granted, they are long, stripmall type blocks but they are walkable. I spent most of the day at offsite storage going thru boxes of film. Actual film. Like movie film on reels. It was fun and I found cool stuff but now I'm all itchy. I feel bad that I'm going to go pick up my kid and get god knows what sort of dust on him.

I also want to let you all know, in case there was any doubt, that 11 month old boys are not allowed to celebrate easter. I tried to find some seasonal clothes for the boy and: Nothing. I really do sympathize with my friends who had daughters and nieces and who are constantly confronted with Disney pink princess plastic crapola. The opposite end of the stick, however, is the lack of fun boy stuff. Trucks, puppies, tools, sports and camo--that's all we get. And if you think easter is bad, you should have seen me trying to find a non-girl-specific Valentine outfit for him. It can't be done. Its so bad that, when I went to buy Donovan an easter basket, there were actually CAMO EASTER BASKETS?!?! How's that for a mixed message? Its no wonder I'm drawn to the 30s and 40s when kids stuff was kids stuff and not nearly so gendered--or at least the gendering was more about kids and less about what adults are afraid of.

Did that make any sense or has the vinegar syndrome fumes from the film made me loopy?


A & G & Stella Dot (& poodles, too) said...

That is crappy. I'm sorry.

My mom put bunny ears on Stella Dot and I said, "future Playboy Bunny." My mom took the ears off.

Happy Easter.


Sorry to bitch so much. My time is so tight now that I just get crabby when I spend an hour looking at baby clothes and leave empty handed. If it were'nt for hand me downs and online shopping I think I would have given up and gone John Wayne on him. Was John Wayne the one who was initally raised as a girl? Or am I just thinking that because his real name is "Marion?"