Saturday, March 15, 2008

What A Wonderful World

The past week was pretty rough--Donny was teething, Mike and I were coming down with nasty sore throat colds again, Dad was back in the hospital--so it was a relief to have nice day today. Donny woke up smiling this morning and was just in a great mood all day, which was a relief because Mike had to work so it was just me and the boy. Donny took a well timed early nap that allowed me not only to wash a bunch of bedding but to also have a good long phonecall with my ex-pat friend, Sharon. After that, I woke the boy up, fed him my awardwinning Roasted Root Vegetable Baby Food, gave him a fierce scrubbing in the sink and dressed him in his longsleeved black onesie with the Mexican skeleton on the front. We went into Oakland as I had to go get some stuff from my office. No great shakes adventurewise but we had a good time on the bus and running around with the stroller.

After we visited my office we had some time to kill before the next 54C so I thought we'd make a reconnaisance mission to the Children's Room at the Carnegie Library. I had only seen a glimpse of it from down a hallway and I was very happy to see it was much bigger and nicer than I had imagined. The rooms are nice and bright with lots of nooks and crannies for sitting and reading. There were some play areas set up for little mouthbreathers like Donny and, a sight to warm to cockles of my old lady heart--there were three little locked cabinets with a Beatrix Potter display. The displays consisted of a set of the little Minton figurines and a tiny model with pussywillow catkins made into rabbits. That's so oldschool it made me misty. There was also a whole wall of parenting books, which is actually a fiendishly clever idea: "Go look for Silver Pennies, honey. Mama will be right here looking up how to get you to stop shoving your Grandfather's hearing aid batteries up your nose..." I think Donny and I will have to go back some Saturday and take a closer look.

We came home, played blocks some more and took a nice nap together on the big bed. Mike came home and joined us for awhile.

I like this parenthood thing.

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