Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Have a Crush on Bing Crosby

Cool Mom Picks hipped me to Kiddie Records Weekly. Some of you may remember that Mike and I have been working up an mp3 library for Donny of Old Timey Music. In that same spirit, Kiddie Records Weekly has over 3 years worth of old kids story records online for all to take and enjoy for free, free, free!

One of my first picks was "The Happy Prince," a fairy tale by Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde's fairy tales are beautiful and decadent and tragic and Catholic and funny, all at the same time. The idea of Orson Wells narrating them was delightful but Bing Crosby? WTF was he doing there? Bing reads the part of the Happy Prince and, by God, he IS the Happy Prince. I listened to the story twice today, which meant I got to hear Bing say "Sparrow, Little Sparrow, stay with me just one more night," six times. What is it about his voice? Unfortunately, whoever it is voicing the sparrow has this really creepy cartoony voice. It is, in fact, the voice of some cartoon character that I'm just this close to remembering. Anyhow, Mike and Donny and I had a good time this morning listening to "Gerald McBoing Boing," "The Unsuccessful Elf" and "Babar." Mike is a Babar expert and he proclaimed the version I downloaded superior to the one he grew up with: Dang.

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