Sunday, July 20, 2008

12th Anniversary: Tapas and Carseats

Very brief entry after a very busy day. Today was our 12th anniversary and we managed to celebrate and also cross one big thing off the list, which is get the boy a new carseat. For those of you who remember the early days, this is a particularly big deal as the boy practically lived in that carseat for the first 6 months or so. Now to see his feet hanging over the edge--well, the time had come.

We got the seat at Target and I was so amused with the size of the box compared to the size of the baby that I had to take a photo;
We also managed to go to church today and I'm glad we did as the sermon was really good--it was all about how being a Unitarian can be about saying No to religion while saying Yes to religion. I got another clue that this Unitarian thing might work out for me. As we were walking Donny to the nursery, I noticed a new addition to the art and objects in that particular hallway:

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