Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Enough to Eat?

When I went to pick Donny up at daycare, Miss Erin met me at the door with this look on her face. "DONOVAN had a GREAT day [she can be loud when she's excited, hence the caps]but you will not BELIEVE what HAPPENED." Apparently Donny was standing there, "minding his OWN BUSINESS" when one of the other children pulled down Donovans pants and tried to bite him on the ass. Whichever kid it was (no names were given) only got a mouthful of diaper and my boy's butt came away unscathed. Erin finished the story by saying, "NEVER BEFORE in the HISTORY of THIS CHILDCARE FACILITY has there been a BUTT BITING."

Butt Biting. In a Jesus centered Christian childcare facility.

My, my, my.

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