Friday, July 4, 2008

Maybe Its the Nyquil...

Does anyone else watch those horrible "Dateline" murder mystery shows? I get sucked into them every now and then and I remembered one today. A young single mother was murdered and the person who found her body also found the woman's 18 month old daughter trying to wake her mother up. I know that's a horrible thing to think of but I was sick today with a wretched sore throat and was trying not to talk. I was laying on the floor and Donny kept dropping books on me. I feel like if I did die, the CSI folks could tell how long I'd been dead by calculating how long it would take a 20lb baby to drag a board book 5ft 10in and then toss it onto his mother. "The body was covered with 539 books and 7 magazines. She's been dead at least 3 days."

I was feeling like a bad Mom, tying to get out of reading to the boy. I played the piano for him and his xylophone. I even fired up the talking battery operated drum. That still did'nt stop him from throwing books in my lap.

Completely off topic: Need work done on your roof? DO NOT call AP Home Services. Its a very long story but, suffice it to say, after 4 different estimates, 3 on site visits and several phone calls, their sales manager accused me of being "dishonest" because I actually had the nerve to assume the quote given to us by the sales rep he sent out was acceptable. Anyone out there know of a good roofer?

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