Monday, July 21, 2008

A Little Classical Music For You Kids

Mike and Donovan met me on campus after work today and I took them to the Kraus Campo. Donny has been having so much fun running around that I thought the trails and the numbered platform would be safe places for him to blow off some steam. As you can see, he proceeded to do exactly that.

I'm sure all cities have their little secrets but Pittsburgh has so many--its been fun sharing them with Donny. And since he wont remember a lot of them, I can premier them again and again and again! At least for the next year, year and a half... Donny listened to my iPod a bit on the way home. He got to hear the Live at Brian's version of "Stars are Stars" by Echo and the Bunnymen plus the beginning of "Sweet Jane" as done by Mott the Hoople.

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