Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby's First Pierogie!

Its a hot time in the old town tonight: figurately and literally. Today was one of those hot, hot, hot days and here we are with no airconditioning. Today was also the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Festival. Immaculate Heart is a stunning, stunning church here in Polish Hill. Heathen that I am I've only been in the basement to vote and the actual church once for an actual Christmas midnight mass. I mean, just look at it from the outside:Crazy, no?

Well, Donny and I decided to check it out. Once I wheeled him downhill in his stroller I let him loose to run around--the streets were blocked off, I think mainly to accomodate the huge bingo game. Donny really liked the double yellow lines and I think he was trying to follow them, tho his aim was a little off.

We got little ladyfingers at the bakesale and some pierogies for lunch. I did'nt get a chance to photograph Baby's First Pierogie, which is a shame because I would definately pay to have a silver frame engraved to say that, but I did get some good shots of Baby's First Fancy Cookies.

Tomorrow is the Polish Hill Art What You've Got festival. I'm hoping we can go--we're kinda booked up as its our (get ready for it) 12TH ANNIVERSARY. We got a free offer of babysitting from the Grandparents and hints have been made as to some sort of surprise involving restaurants and maybe cocktails. Sunday is, happily enough, the one day Mike and I both have off of work so this will work out great. On the down side, we are missing a swank housewarming and maybe church. Not to mention yardwork.

America as a nation needs to embrace the 3 day weekend.

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