Tuesday, September 15, 2009

...And Some Milk in a Dirty Bottle

I did something last night I don't think I've done before: I had a Mom's Happy Hour. I've had drinks with other moms before but those were moms with whom I already had a relationship or rapport. This time I went out with two gals from church, one with whom I've been friendly but not social and the other is in the covenant group at church that Mike and I go to but I obviously did'nt know her well because when I was told she was coming with her kid I had no idea who Jenn was talking about.

At any rate, we got kicked out of Kelly's because Karen brought her wee bitty in-a-sling baby with her. It worked out fine as we just crossed the street to the Red Room, which is very schwank and does not enforce a No Babies policy. Despite being a bombastic loudmouth I'm actually pretty shy and can get myself worked up about social situations. This actually went nicely and I think I behaved myself for the most part. The conversation was a nice balance between talking about the kids and talking about different things. I think it went well and, hopefully, we can do it again sometime.