Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On Behalf of Pittsburgh, I Apologize/Helicopters

Tomorrow starts the G20 here in Pittsburgh and I'm sorry to say that the city isn't handling it very well. I'm pretty embarrassed by the fact that we are busting civic ass to look good for the dignitaries but are not extending even a percentage of the same consideration to our other guests, the protesters. I understand that security measures must be enforced and that we need to be vigilant about threats. I don't think that gives us the right to treat people with less than respect even if we don't agree with their views. So, Protesters of the G20, thank you for making the trip to Pittsburgh. So many of you have made long journeys to make your/our voices heard. Considering how you've been treated, I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to come back here but I hope someday you will. By that time, hopefully, the Salem Witchtrial mentality will have blown over and you'll see us for the strange but friendly people we mostly are.

But I bring up G20 to say that Donovan has been in hog heaven with all the helicopters. Helicopters and planes are two of his favorite things so this is like a trip to the zoo for him. Can that be considered a silver lining?


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