Tuesday, September 15, 2009


What am I doing blogging at work? Blowing off some steam so that my head doesnt explode: I spent part of my lunch hour online looking up info on Pre School programs and I had two great big 2x4s of reality hit me upside the head:

1. Donovan won't be in the Little Friends program forever
2. Most preschools end their day at about 1pm

WHAAAAAT? So what the hell are we supposed to do?

In listing those two realizations above, obviously I have always been aware that Donovan would outgrow Little Friends. I was also aware that Pre School would be a different set up for him. But never until today did I ever stop to think what that might mean.

We've got some serious thinking to do.

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Hope said...

In my experience, most preschools do offer some kind of after hours day care (for a fee, of course). And, working where you do, you might also see if you could find some student who would be willing to pick him up and watch him somewhere on campus until your shift finished. It is definitely do-able, so don't despair!