Monday, August 13, 2007

Freedom and Pining

Mike has three days off of work in a row. That means that he can spell me off as far as picking up the kid at daycare. And that means that I can actually go downtown right after work, just like I used to do when I was footloose and babyfree. I need to do some serious clothes shopping, some recognisance mission shoe shopping and also run up to the furniture section of Macy's just to see what's what.

I was supergeeked this weekend when I realized I'd be able to get some shopping done but now two things are clouding my enthusiasm. First, I balanced the checkbook and, brothers and sisters, we are broke. This childcare thing: WHEW. Second, I'm really missing the boy. I went with Mike to drop him off at daycare and got to play elevator with him a little before I left. He's got such a great, unbridled, gummy smile--how did a misanthrope like me end up with such a happy boy? Finally, irony is paying off!

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