Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Mysteries of Polish Hill. And Babyclothes--Lots of Babyclothes...

Word on the street is that there is an organic apiary in Polish Hill. I looked all over those Internets, hoping for a website and the closest I came was mention of J&B Apiary as a participant in The Farmers @ Firehouse Farmer's Market:

in the Strip District. The one bus that goes thru Polish Hill (the 54C) also goes thru the Strip, so I decided today that Donovan would have his first ride facing forward in the Baby Bjorn Carrier. Yes, today we would celebrate my son's manly neck muscles and their prowess in holding up his horribly huge head.

It was odd walking around, not seeing what my son was doing (smiling? drooling? getting ready to shriek?) but it was superdreamy not having to lug the carseat stroller on and off the bus. I used other people's reactions to Donovan to let me know how he was doing. As usual, many strangers had to comment, but that was good: "Oh! He's so alert!" "He's smiling! Yes he is!" I can only imagine what Donovan thinks of all this.

The Farmers Market in question was small but very nice. Not that I bought anything--I have this thing about not being able to spend money when I have it--but there were flowers and be-U-tee-ful, shiny peppers, lots of tomatoes and herbs. No apiary, however. Dear Apiary People: I am your neighbor and I would like to give you my money. Please come out. I won't hurt you.

Not only was today a good day but yesterday was excellent as well. Donovan and I got to hang out with Sheryl at Whole Foods and at home and then I got to go to Kelly's with Sheryl and our friend Caroline. Caroline is in town from Bad Oldesloe in Germany. She is the mother of two very sweet and funny girls and, as a mother, she took it upon herself to send boxes of baby clothes and toys home to Pittsburgh to bring over when she was in town. The swag was definitely good and I am going to share the German wealth with Amy and Stella.

Yesterday, I noticed the lovely and fairly expensive babyclothes store near Whole Foods had closed. I'm sorry to see it go but, really: no one could possibly make a living selling baby clothes. Trust me, it gets to a point where you can't give them away. Its a thriving underground. To paraphrase Amy, don't cut down anymore babyclothes trees! Renew, Reuse, Recycle!

That means you, soon to be Aunt to a Nephew, Ann Marie...

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ItWasInevitable said...

I think I know that bee guy! He's not always at the farmers market, but when he is, he brings some bees in a box thing that you can see through and the queen has a blue dot on her so you can see where she is. If you want, let me know what you want and I can pick it up and drop it off when I find him next.