Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Spitty Babies

The spitty baby in question this time, however, is'nt Donovan: its Nina.

Nina, short for Nina Simone High Priestess of Soul, is my cat. I got her as a kitten about 4 years ago. She was originally obtained to fill a catsized hole in my heart that opened up when I had to have my cat of 13 years, Ivy, put to sleep. While I got her as a replacement she insisted on being her own, goofy, loving self and I fell in catlove all over again. Ivy and I had a special bond that was very deep. Its the same with Nina but different. Where Ivy was an imperious, queenly thing, Nina is Gilda Radner to Ivy's Greta Garbo. Plus, Nina spoons with me when I nap.

Then the baby came along and Nina was delegated to middlechild. No more taking the cat back to bed for 10 minutes of spooning before showering and going to work. No more scooping the cat up to kiss her and swing her around right when I get home. Can't pet the cat too much--the fur will get all over the kid. Can't let the cat sleep in the bassinet (even tho its cute) cause the cat might have germs. Nowadays, all Nina hears is "No!" I know things have changed and so does she.

So is this why she can't keep any food down? Part of the day she acts fine and the other part she's crying in the basement because spitting up distresses her so. We are trying not to take her to the emergency vet because that's a several hundred dollar commitment right there. We tried to call our vet to make an appointment for Monday but the answering machine said you can only make appointments between Monday and Friday. Every now and then I hear her poor stomach grumble and it breaks my heart.

Poor spitty baby.

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