Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Acting Out: Parts I and II

Donovan had his first fight today. Miss Tekela said that he and CJ "got into it," apparently over a toy that Donovan could reach but that CJ wanted. It sounds like CJ got in the first swing but that Donovan quickly fought dirty and grabbed a couple of handfuls of CJ's hair. There was much screaming and Miss Joy had to break it up. I, of course, wanted to know who won. Miss Tekela said it was pretty much a tie. She said CJ's Mom asked the same question, tho she was a bit more gracious, saying "We'll have to apologize to Donovan, now, won't we?...Who won?"

My son, the Polish Hill Bad Ass.

I think it would be very flaky and drug store psychology of me to say that Donovan is acting out because I'm not in the best frame of mind these days. I think he's just being an 8 month old. I, however, am not an 8 month old and I am definitely acting out because I'm not in the best frame of mind these days. Today at work was an Acting Out Extravaganza, from which I walked away blushing beet red inside. I broke of of my cardinal managerial rules, which is never to take someone to task in front of their coworkers--and this wasn't even someone I manage. In fact, if the world was fair and just, she would be managing my sorry ass. I have officially become part of the problem and I have a couple of apologetic phone calls to make tomorrow. I just hope I haven't damaged things beyond repair.

Tonight I'm going to clear my head by wrapping presents. Mike did, indeed, go out, which is what I was hoping he'd decide to do. No sense in having two people moping around the house. Donny was fussing in his sleep but he's quiet now so maybe it will all work out. The gift wrapping, that is.

Here's hoping the rest of it works out as well.


A & G & Stella Dot (and poodles, too) said...

We should buy some cocktails mixin's, put on some music, send the boys and babies away, and then call each other and pretend that we are in a smoky bar like in the olden days.


Ah, the olden days. Tell me more about them--don't leave anything out...