Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Its warm out tonight. Really warm. As in, "I'm standing outside without a coat in December in PITTSBURGH!" warm. There's this lovely little breeze blowing and everyone has their Christmas lights plugged in.

I hate it. And I hate everything.

I didn't realize how fed up I was until, driving home from meeting Mike at work, he asked, pseudo/joking sheepishly if he could go out Thursday night with some folks from work. I said yes but realized I was jealous. Where are all the folks I used to go out with? My favorite bar is literally a block away and I can't go. Oh, I could go alone and see who I'd run into but that's not really what I need. What I need is for someone to ask me if I'd like to go out for drinks and conversation. I can usually find a date if I call folks but I've reached the point where I'm starting to feel self conscious about always being the one to call, especially since everyone is super busy and can't come out and play.

I've had a few folks recently say, with much joy for me in their hearts, "I bet you can't imagine life before Donovan!" No offense to them or my kid but yes, I can imagaine it. It was good and sometimes I miss it.

On a lighter note we put up but did not yet decorate our tree. We are going to give it a night to warm up, drink up and unfurl.

How's that for a completely unintentional but apt metaphor?