Friday, December 14, 2007

A Nice Morning

Mike and I usually play tag team when it comes to getting Donny ready in the morning. He’ll bring him down, I’ll feed him while Mike showers, I pick out his outfit and Mike dresses him while I shower—that’s the usual scenario. This morning, tho, Mike had an early meeting at the store so it was just me and The Boy. Part of me was a little worried as I’m not really at my best in the morning but we had a very nice time. He was asleep when I went into the shower and, when I came out, I could hear him on the monitor fussing. I went upstairs in my robe and wet hair, got him out of his crib and he fell right back to sleep in my arms. I took him to our bedroom and held him a little bit before I laid him down on the bed so I could start getting dressed. Instead, we ended up goofing, spooning and playing with each other’s faces and hair for a little bit. I know that being a stay at home Mom is a lot of hard work but its times like this morning that I wish I did’nt have to go to work and that Donny’s schedule could be my schedule. It was nice to have a more leisurely morning instead of running around washing bottles and scraping ice off the windshield so we can all get to where we’re going. By the time Mike came back to pick us up, the boy was fed, dressed and ready to have his jacket put on and zipped up.

I’m actively trying not to panic as Christmas might as well be tonight for all the free time I don’t have. Tomorrow, Donovan is going to hang out with Mike’s folks for the day. My original plan was to make that a big Shopping Day, which it still needs to be, but I also have to prep for a LUPEC party at our place. I’m geeked for the party but there is so much that still needs to be done for Christmas—the tree is still undecorated, for example, and the shopping, oy the shopping

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